Always Approved Financial is here to assist you not judge you for your previous credit challenges. Whether you have great credit and simply want the best deal, or life's challenges have left you with credit problems. We are here to assist and guide you through the process of rebuilding your financial future while driving the car you deserve.

You did not pay one of your creditors and they sent it to an agency to collect their money
Your joint bills stopped being paid once a divorce was decided
You owe more to payments then you currently make
You were sued in a court of law and need to pay the other party back that sued you
You are refinancing a current lease into a purchase loan
Your credit score is below average
You owe more money to your creditor then your available Income
You have previously been declined for a line of credit
You stopped paying for something you purchased and the bank took it back
You stopped paying off your line of credit and the bank does not expect to get its money back
You are under the age of twenty five and have minimum-to-no credit experience


Are you 100% satisfied with us ?

Always Approved Financial understands the power of referrals for any business and knows the only way to build a solid relationship where our clients feel good about referring their family and friends is to meet 100% of their needs. We strive every day to build that relationship with our clients and as an extra bonus we will make your car payment for you up to $500.00 for every client you send us that takes delivery of a vehicle.